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by SDyer87 on 08/DEC/10 | Back to SDyer87's Media

“If I put these two LBP's together can it make LBP2? hee hee I am not patient with this whole waiting thing”

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Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 29/OCT/08
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looking forward to LBP2!
I got the new Modnation racers!!!!!!!!!!
This picture would have been even better if it was the GOTY edition.
I saw that at Blockbuster the other night but I forgot my controller so I wouldn't have been able to play it
I'm impatient too.
Im working on downloading the demo but i have such a bad internet connection that its taken 2 days.. its only at 96% right now.. probably going to take another few hours
By combining them, you get 2LBP, not LBP2.
:( darn! O well, I get the game tomorrow So excited!
Is Littlebigplanet 2 a good game? It's has less trophies numbers then the first game.
so far i love it, i just finished the story mode so now i have to go back and ace all the levels.
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