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Random ppl

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SDyer87 said...
Was playing HOME on the PS3 and had all these random ppl hitting on me.. I should change my avatar to a boy. >.<
PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home (PS3)

Release Date: 11/DEC/08
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"Hey baby. How would you like to play with my joystick?" ;)
Lol So funny bettadud. you so silly
The sad thing is that if you change your avatar to a boy, people will give you a hard time for being a 10 year old. It's really kind of annoying that you have to play games to avoid crap like this.

*climbs back up into Tam's Tree*

Freaking console creepers.

*takes out binoculars*
@Sdyer87 why ty :)
@BofusTeefus How's the birdwatching coming along?
@bettadud yw @BofusTeeFus ha ha ha bird watching huh?

*hides* lol
@BofusTeefus Dude that's just creepy! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Freak!

-mumbles as he goes back in SDyer's closet-
@wastelander75 I dont have a regular closet, I have my bed in it. Which I am going to post pictures as soon as I get back home from my boring trip.
I know :P
@wastelander75 Dude....you're in her closet AND bed....at the same time.
:P pervs lol
We Know :P
There was a group of guys hitting on a girl that I did not drive away and become her knight in shining armor, carrying her off to a closet bed where we make love for all eternity? For Shame! *commits harakiri*
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